May 30, 2011

memory keeper...

I shared a peak at the cover page of the memory keeper I made for my nieces first baby on my last post.

I thought it would be fun to share the remaining pages along with pictures of my garden in my posts this week.  I love making these journals.  Each one takes on a personality of it's own.

The papers I used are from various lines of Webster'sPages paper.  They are so beautiful on their own that you really don't have to do anything to them but as usual my more is more attitude kicked in.  The crepe paper flower was a happy accident.  When I first placed it on the page it seemed to overwhelm the layout so I started scrunching it down in size.  The white color still stood out in contrast with the rest of the elements so I added a spritz or two of coffee colored glimmermist.  Now it's one of my favorite pages in the entire book.

My desire is for these books to be used to capture memories so I've started to add a little "photo" stamp to the areas intended for pictures.

And a lined sheet on the companion page for a little journaling.  Even if it's just the date and occasion.

The journals start with a worn, vintage look to them but my hope is that they will also show the love that only the turning of pages can produce.

Thank you for all the warm welcome back to blogspot wishes.  It feels good to be back in my craft studio again.  I can't wait to share the rest of this beautiful journal and other projects with you in the days to come.

Creatively yours, Patty

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May 28, 2011

Time to beginnings

Welcome to my creative life.  For as long as I can remember I have been the crafty girl.  I hate to admit it but this has not always been received by me as a compliment.  There are times when I'm sure it was not (is not) meant as a compliment.  Somewhere along the way being crafty took on a negative connotation in my mind.

Thanks largely in part to creative bloggers this is no longer the case.  Being creative, even crafty, is finally being given the credit it deserves.  Papercrafting, sewing, beading, mixed media and countless other handcrafts are now being thought of as an art form and rightfully so.  The humble sewing room is now the craft studio and often the most beautiful room in the house.

So this brings me to the purpose of the reinvention of this blog. 

This year marked my 50th birthday and with it a desire to live life without regrets.  To live each day fully, love without fear of being hurt or disappointed and embrace who God made me to be. 

This blog will chronicle my life in my sewing room craft studio and hopefully, inspire and challenge you not to wait till your next milestone birthday to really live your creative life. 

Creatively yours,  Patty