Feb 11, 2010

life trials... (D)

Without going into too much detail, this week has been one of those weeks where you realize that you are really not in control of life. I fussed and fretted over something that was not mine to fuss and fret over. Now that I’m on the other side of it…I am thankful for the many things this situation reminded me of.

First…that I had the wisdom to have many prayer warriors pray over the situation and even pray me through the event. Second…I am thankful that in God’s Word I find comfort and peace… Third…I am not God and this is a GOOD THING…but mostly, I am thankful for a God who cares, understands and advises if you but quiet the fussing and fretting in your head for a moment and listen.

I created this heart box  based on this weeks inspiration challenge over at Melissa Phillips blog Lilybean Paperie.  I love the pleated ribbon...I seem to have a thing right now for clusters of vintage buttons and of course tea stained lace and ribbon.

The beautiful bird image is from Crafty Secrets...

I just had to share the amazing way that God “spoke” to me the last two mornings. Wednesday morning (the day of this life trial) he showed me Psalm 35, the whole Psalm is beautiful but what especially spoke to me were these verses…
"Oh Lord, oppose those who oppose me.  Fight those who fight against me.  Put on your armor, take up your shield.  Prepare for battle, and come to my aid.(vs 1-2)...Malicious witnesses testify against me.  They accuse me of crimes I know nothing about.  They repay me evil for good.  I am sick with despair.(vs 11-12)...Oh Lord, you know all about this.  Do not stay silent.  Do not abandon me now, Oh Lord.  Wake up! Rise to my defense!  Take up my case, my God and my Lord. (vs.22-23)"

That got me through the actual event and then this morning (the day after) he gave me Psalm 103:1-6.

"Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart I will praise his holy name.  Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.  He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.  He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies.  He fills my life with good things.  My youth is renewed like the eagle's!  The Lord gives righteousness and justice to all who are treated unfairly.""

Isn’t His Word amazing?

Thank you isn’t enough to those who prayed for me...God has truly blessed me with all of you.

Glad not to be in control,



Gwen said...

God is soooo, soooo faithful!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rough week! Your faith will get your through!! Thanks for playing our challenge and sharing this BEAUTIFUL work of art with all of us! God Love Ya!!!