Jul 23, 2009

She Pleased God {D}

I was talking to my sister in law yesterday and the subject got around to the loss of her mother in September 2007. In an earlier post I mentioned my mother in law Jean. I was blessed with a wonderful mother who has become my one of my best friends but second in influence, only to her, was Jean. She was one of those women that touched everyone she met. She was not perfect and in fact was known to engage in a good "debate" just for the joy of it. Yet, she was one of the most godly women I have ever known.

My scripture reading this morning was Hebrews 11:5, "Enoch was taken away so that he did not experience death...He was approved having pleased God."

It does not say that Enoch was perfect, I am sure he wasn't, it simply says, "He pleased God." That describes Jean, she lived each day, with prayer, in hopes of pleasing God. What more testimony can we hope for in our lives.

I made this framed picture for my sister in law this past Mother's Day. It was just a cheapo from the dollar bin at Michaels. The idea and sentiments were inspired from a class at Scrapping Good Times here in San Dimas, CA. The picture was taken by a friend at my Christmas tea in 2006. She was kind enough to develop two of each of the pictures she took and give them to me in a beautiful album. What a great idea the two copies was, one for me and one for me to give away. Thank you, Bonnie!


dennisandelsachavez said...

This recent addition, so touched my heart. Jean was a sweet lady, and I too enjoyed the times we got to visit. Mom's are so special. This made me miss my mama today. Cherish your Mamas while you still have them!

Anonymous said...