Jul 29, 2009


Such a daunting word for a title, I know. This is the Name that was put forth on Patter Cross' blog site Triple the Sketch - His Holy Name - challenge this week. I thought about the word for almost two weeks before actually sitting down and wrapping my heart around it. According to Laymans Bible Dictionary, immutable means; an attribute of God's nature which refers to his unchangeableness...assurance that God's mercy is constant...God cannot lie. One commentator expressed it this way, "God will never relax his hold on you". WOW! Where do you go from there? How do we even begin to wrap our human minds around such a concept in our ever changing world, where promises are made and broken without a thought or even a grain of remorse?

God's word is full of assurances of his unchangeableness, his promise to be our protector, our shield, our rock, our grace giver, and his unfailing love for us. All he ask's of us is faith and obedience to what is best for us anyway. When you tell a child not to do something because they may get hurt, it's not control, it's love. Likewise, God's commands are not meant to control, (he could have required that if that was his desire, when he created us) but it is out of his love, he sets boundaries.

I guess I am in need of God's assurance of his unfailing love for me in this particular season of my life. Out of this need, I was drawn to Psalm 117, "Praise the Lord, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth. For he loves us with unfailing love. The LORD'S faithfullness endures forever. Praise the LORD!"

What a promise, what an assurance...Unfailing love from a God who only want's good for my life. Thank you Lord for your word, it is nourishment for my tired and weary soul. It brings such joy and peace into an otherwise chaotic and scary world. Praise your name.
This 6x6 page was made using Summer Soiree paper by michelle coleman and Unity Stamps July kit of the month. This was my first attempt at paper piecing (the sun), which from my quilters background was just up my alley. The ribbon and buttons are from my stash and tied off with twine from my husbands stash in garage. (Which I need to put back before he discovers it missing!) Enjoy your day.

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