Oct 27, 2009

earth love...

Earth love paper from Cosmo Cricket...don't you love it!

Isn't it amazing how feeling "normal" after being sick, is so wonderful. I have been down and out with a nasty cold bug for the last week and all I wanted was to feel normal again...we really take for granted not being in pain or stuffed up or queasy. I have new respect and admiration for those who live with chronic conditions and just do life with joy. I get a lousy head cold and my world is rocked.
While I was in Houston I got a small taste of what my mom and dad do everyday just to stay alive. My dad has several serious, chronic conditions and the amount of discipline and effort it takes every single day was overwhelming to me. The fact that they just do it...let's just say my love, respect and admiration for them grew even more...if that's even possible. I was truly blessed in the parent's department.
You have my permission to kick me the next time you hear me complain about my life!
Do life with joy,

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Lydia said...

Such beautiful cards, thanks for sharing