Jun 2, 2011

more journal pages...

I'm finishing off a couple of gift projects for my niece's baby shower this weekend.  Am I the only one who tends to wait until the last minute with handmade gifts?

I think not...

I don't know if I just work better under pressure or if I am easily distracted by another fun project before I finish what I'm already working on?

I suspect like some of you, it's a little of both!

More pages of the memory journal and more delicious Webster's Pages paper.  I know, isn't it yummy?

I'll share the finished journal tomorrow and then I can't wait to show you the baby quilt that goes with it. 

It almost makes me wish for a new little one...grand baby that it!

Creatively yours,  Patty


bee'nme said...

Oh Patty, how absolutely lovely! I can't wait to see the whole thing and the quilt too...what a wonderful Auntie you are!!! As for last minute pressure and distractions, yep, it's a bit of both for me, but working well under pressure is one of my biggest problems...always has been since my school days (writing papers the night before)...but distractions take a toll too...like a kind of creative ADD...

Well, whatever you got going on, it's working for you because your work is wonderful!!

Looking forward to the reveal!
Hugs & Blessings,

Jenn said...

just noticed the verse at the top of your blog....must be from The Message...I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jayne said...

Beautiful memory pages Patty. I'm sure the quilt will be gorgeous too. Your niece will be thrilled.