Sep 17, 2009

fall inspiration...

I finally had a chance to clean off my front porch last weekend, clear out the cobwebs, hose away all the ashes from the recent fires and put away the summer decorations. The temperature actually dropped for a brief moment so I started gathering my autumn decorations together to deck out my front porch and dining room hutch. I love the change of seasons and have found it just enough to decorate the front porch and my dining room hutch without having the need to turn my whole house upside down. (With the exception of Christmas, that's a totally different story. I have been known to even put a small tree in the bathroom!)
These pictures are of new additions to my fall collection. I couldn't resist the boy and girl scarecrows and I love the crow yard stake. Don't you love the retro plaques I found at Tom's Farms.
I'll be heading to the nursery to pick up some mums and other fall flowers and can't wait to spend the weekend repotting my containers, pretending the temperature has not climbed back into the high 90's. Ugh!!! Southern California weather, gotta love it. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

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