Sep 2, 2009

andrew's antics... {D}

This picture is just a sneak peak at a project I will be posting next week...

I guess it's no secret that I am crazy in love with my grandbabies...honestly, when people say you should just skip right to them, I get it. Your children just come with so much more of the day to day responsibility and routine of life. But by the next generation you have relaxed a little bit and what's truly important is much more clear.

I just love to watch my grandson Andrew do life. From the time he wakes up until he is tucked into bed, he is constantly searching and learning. Right now at 16 months old he has discovered where gramma's pan lids are and will go grab his favorite two, along with a wooden spoon and have himself a parade. When he's done, or gramma's deaf, he will return the lids and spoon to the cupboard, shut the door and look up at me with those eyes that say "aren't you proud of me?" Of course I will indulge him and clap like he just won the pulitzer prize. He has now taken to covering his ears and shaking his head no when he is corrected...He figured out the hand motions to twinkle, twinkle little star...he runs to the door when the choo choo train goes by, yelling choo choo...he loves story time and snuggles just as close as can be to hear his favorite book, and will say "again" when it's over...he loves to help grandma water with the hose and practically drowns himself drinking from it. Such joy in the every day!

I know this phase is fleeting and he will very soon be a teenager with all that comes with it. What I also understand as a grandparent that I didn't get as a parent is that part of life is searching out your personal beliefs.

My devotional today was from Luke 15: 1-7 "I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who do not need to repent." This is the parable of the lost sheep, where Jesus says that a shepard with 100 sheep will leave 99 of the sheep alone for a bit to search for the one that is lost. When it is found he will joyfully carry it back to the fold.

I have had rebellious children, (I was a rebellious child) I know first hand how heart wrenching it can be. What the Word of God has shown me is that we should never give up on those who rebel...God doesn't. He waits patiently for any sign of our return to the fold. We should to. He rejoices and celebrates the victories, instead waiting for the defeats. The celebration of victory not only encourages the wayward child but it also does our heart good. It gives us hope. If they fall again, so be it. Then we begin the wait again, until one day, the rejoicing in heaven begins.

Even if the situation seems impossible, like there is no coming back...keep praying...wait patiently..for nothing is impossible with God.


The paper is Basic Grey, Lemonade. More details later.

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