Sep 27, 2009

the quilt...

I can't believe it's actually finished. I started the blocks in this quilt over two years ago, I added the sashing around a year ago and yesterday, I took it out to my mom's and she helped me add the binding and finish her up. So, like I said...I can't believe it's actually finished. It turned out so pretty, it is such a sense of accomplishment, I don't know why it took so long. I have a couple more quilts that are in the final stages and I think, one by one, I'll take them out to my mom and she can give me the final encouragement (aka...kick in the pants) to get them done. I forget how much I enjoy the whirrrrrrr of my sewing machine. It reminds me of growing up, there were many nights that I went to sleep listening to my mom's machine as she stitched up clothes for me and my little sister. Back then I wanted store bought clothes so badly, now I know the time and love that went into the matching (yuck) outfits she sewed for us.
I stitched up a couple of book bags and a purse for my daughter Annie but I'll have to show those to you later. I won't see her till next weekend and I want to give the purse to her before I post it, just case she reads my blog.
Sunday is winding down so I think I will spend a few moments in my craft room working on a halloween project before starting dinner. Enjoy your afternoon...

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