Jan 12, 2010


After working 8 hours at a job that pays me a fair wage, provides health insurance and a good retirement system, I got into my newer car and drove home to a safe neighborhood where I opened the refrigerator and pulled out enough food to satisfy my family. After dinner my husband, who works nights, returned to our soft bed to get a few more hours sleep before going off to a job that pays him a good wage, provides medical benefits and a good retirement system. I then packed my grandson's diaper bag with plenty of diapers, a snack and a few toys and headed off to bible study where he would be well cared for while I openly studied God's word. On the way I stopped at a well stocked grocery store and purchased some snacks to take with me.

After my study I tucked my grandson snugly in bed, made some hot tea and sat down to catch up on my emails. The first thing that caught my attention was a headline that read, "Massive 7.0 earthquake rocks Haiti, destroying the hospital...widespread casualties. "

It's so hard not to ask, "Why?" when you read that. Why Haiti? A country already so scarred by the throws of poverty...a country where work cannot be found...a country where medical care to the majority is not readily available...a country where paid retirement is unheard of...a country where so many mom's and grandma's don't have food to feed their hungry families...a country where babies are put to bed hungry...Why Haiti?

I am not questioning God or his sovereignty. I am certain that He is in control...I know that He has a plan and a purpose...I know some things are not for me to know...I guess my human mind, with my finite thinking, just struggles with the injustice of it all. Until we know what else we can do, please pray for the people of Haiti.

This is such a reminder for us to remember how blessed we are...while our country is far from perfect...we are blessed beyond what we deserve.

This certainly isn't the post that I had planned and sharing my silly cards with all the tragedy in this world doesn't seem worth while. My hope is that what I do will bring some joy and beauty and that we might be reminded of the many ways that God blesses all of us, even those living in a far from perfect world.

The image is from CraftySecrets...

The balloon stamp and sentiment are from Unity Stamps...the card is for the CPS149 challenge.

The paper for both cards is from BoBunny...the ribbons, buttons, charm and glitter are from my stash.
Thanks for listening,


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Very well said my friend!!! BTW, your card is gorgeous!!

Amy Johnson said...

my, what a beautiful little blog you have. I love your style, and we seem to have a lot of similiar interests too. Thanks for visiting my blog too!