Aug 7, 2009


I had lunch with my friend Monique yesterday for her birthday and we started talking about how long we've know eachother (over 20 years!). She is one of those friends that no matter how much time goes by, it is always easy to start up a conversation like no time has passed. That's the wonderful thing about old girlfriends, you share such history. There is not a good or bad time in my life that she has not been there for me. As we laughed and talked I realized again how blessed we are that God brought us together so many years ago. Happy Birthday, Monique.

I made this card set and gift bag for her birthday (no I won't say which birthday). The bag is just a regular lunch sack that I added a little bling to. The cards were made with Basic Grey's porcelin paper line.

Proverbs 17 "A friend loves at all times..."
Cherish your friends!

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Anonymous said...

lovely!!! what a wonderful gift, perfectly done!