Aug 25, 2009


This super cool dude is my nephew, Gregory. He is the most awesome seven year old you will ever meet. Bright, inquisitive, funny and a really good dancer!

I made this scrapbook page for him to always remember the summer he turned seven and visited his cousins in California.

I made these two cards at a class at Scrappin Good Times in San Dimas, CA. The instructor and designer Chelle is amazingly talented and really inspired me to try cardmaking. I encourage anyone who loves handmade cards to take a class. You can know nothing about papercrafts and come away with amazing cards and be equipped to make more of your own. The paper is from My Minds Eye, Breaking Free line. The surf boards were colored with Copic Markers.
I can remember vividly the day my nephew Gregory was born. I was privileged to be there, in the room, when he made his entrance into this world. I can never thank my sister enough for the opportunity to witness such a miracle happen. Having adopted my girls, I never knew what the child birth experience was like and to see it from the viewing perspective was life changing.

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mothers womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex...You saw me before I was born...How precious are your thoughts about me, O God." Psalm 139: 113 -117
To see that come together, God's complex workmanship, his plans for a tiny life, was a gift.
We take for granted the gift of life, the plans of our Creator for tiny little lives. The blessing of healthy children who laugh and cry and throw temper tantrums (not mine of course) who have desires and bents toward different temperaments and talents. But God has a plan for us all, each life was created with a purpose and God's thoughts are precious toward each one of his creations.

What an awesome God we have. We need to encourage not only our children and other children but also our husbands, sisters, brothers, parents and friends to live the lives that God created them for. With our God you know the purpose is nothing less than spectacular!!!


dennisandelsachavez said...

How sweet! This is a perfect gift for Gregory and Jen. You described him to the T. One incredible kid, we have the honor to be called our "nephew".

Anonymous said...

the page is great, the cards came out perfectly, the sweet words i am grateful for! God is amazing, and i am thankful He brought you to my classes!!