Nov 8, 2009

potty training...

A couple of months ago my mom gave us a potty training seat for Andrew because she knew the time was drawing near. The "seat" was in his closet for a while until for whatever reason, it caught his attention. I figured we might as well let him make friends with it so that when the time was right he wouldn't be afraid of the deep dark hole we were sitting him on. As any over indulging gramma would do...I let him bring the darn thing downstairs to his play area, where it sat proudly in his toy bin. Until yesterday...

hmm...nice big hole...wonder if my head would fit in it? Yup, it how do I get if off?
I am not kidding you, it got stuck! His mommy tried to gently coax the thing off, no luck...gramma took a more aggressive angle and tried to pry it off, no go. Just when we were wondering whether to call the fire department, or take him to the emergency room, butter came to my mind. Oh yes, we did. We rubbed a stick of butter all the way around his sweet toilet bowl head and ever so gently, rock it back and forth...freedom!
Needless to say, he will be in his diapers a while longer.

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Anonymous said...

i didnt think it was to funny but it was cute love you mom